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”……..I go I miss my countryside, miss kangkong soup, miss round eggplant with souyal sause…..” some means like that in a vietnamese proverbs. A breath, a smile bring back a sofly love which is hiden, just like a man he has been far away from his hometown and alsways miss all the memmories in the childhood, who had said eating is an art? more than that it is a culture and else.

Just look at our meal recently, eventhough alots of high standar, value thing have been added bbut some how some thing still lack which is placing by ueropean, chinese or other foreign food. With coming and growing of somnay high building and big, small companies…. Pictures of lunch boxe bikes rush hurry on the road to deliver set lunch boxes, or a lot of fast food restaurants growing on the street are fading all the mini restaurant which are 100% national taste. Since before many people have been explained about beautifull vietnamese literature, about me start from here I want to explain about the delicious dish from the country side. The dishes when you put on your toung it bring you a nation taste, a joyful and proudy to be a vietnamese.

Anyone have been back to his country to taste, a bowl of field crab soup, just hang to the chin, a lovely, child hood memmories is already there with the barrier of bamboo, a field of green rice or a lake of fish appeared in your memmorance can’t stop you finish the last drop of the soupin the bolw. Crab has a lot of canxi and natural sweet taste, with the lightly but sweet taste of loofah And litle sour taste of besalla abal mixed with the bitter taste of pot herbs , field crab soup is a realy wonderfull gift that since very very far before our ancestor has maintained for us. It is full of country taste surround the sherper ride on the back of the buffalo and playing the strite music right near the bamboo village

It is true that we can not deny many new and delicious dishes have been cover all the culture of the food recently but nothing can cover or replace that round egg plant mix with souyal been suace. It is already a misssing, a memmory of the people and it is also in the proverbs. It is not only a picture but it is also a soul of a Vietnamese. In the midle of an exciting city as saigon, some times we need to find out a place to come back our long time ago memmories. A cup of fresh green tea leaf with taste of ginger, a bowl of field crab soup, or a dish of tinny shimp with star fruit, or else some peaces of sweet potato leaves beside the Cay sauce, and more than that a dish of boiled pork with a mini bolw of shrimp paste…… on the bamboo table in a small but warmly and full of bamboo named CUA DONG rrestaurant on 18A/5 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai st, dist 1. all the tired, busies of this rushing life is gone and fullfill in that is a straight feet  on a match with a very very soft feeling. For me the picture of my mother and us beside the bamboo table next right to dark with small oil lamp in my mind. All the homsick is gone and fullfill in there is memories and full of my favourit food. Cua dong restaurant is a really wonderfull place for me to escape the busy life and also a place for me to find all my countryside spacials.


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